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Jennifer Marvin    -    Professional Photographer


"Life as viewed through the scope of a lens, is the most transparent representation of one's soul"


Such a revelation is most true for one of the West Coast's preeminent photographers  ;   Jennifer Marvin.


As a self-taught artist Marvin has captured the essence of life in an honest, artsy and even whimsical nature.  For the better part of a decade Marvin has captured the imagination by using the vast world stage as a prop.  Basketball courts, waters and even the side of a locomotive, have all helped her bring her subjects a unique perspective.  Marvin, however is as diverse as her images.  She is comfortable achieving photographic brilliance in simply allowing the moment to tell a story.  Wedding photos, Social Events, and Athletic skills are all staples in Marvin's expansive repertoire. 


Marvin fell in love with a camera after giving birth to her son, Javon (now 11).  She wanted to be able to record the special moments in his life and quickly realized that she had an undeniable gift.  She honed her skills working for a large photography company and quickly familiarized herself with all the nuances of camerawork. From lighting, to set design, to positioning, to black and white timeless imagery, and production, she did it all.  Soon after J.M.Images was born, her work blossomed from family portraits, to include graduations, concerts, weddings,  head shots, celebrity stills and High School / College Sports teams, Red-Carpet events, to an exciting new colababoration concept dubbed the (A.J.C) Austin Jayne Collection in which she explores her artistic boundaries.


Marvin has an extraordinary ability to make her subjects feel at ease to obtain the shot that she desires.  Self-effacing and naturally funny, she puts her clients at ease and makes her shoots seem like part photo-shoot and equal parts celebrations.  Her referral rate is impeccable and her willingness to travel and tireless hours have catapulted her to one of the West Coast's most sought after talents.


Marvin's work has been featured at the Groove Design, a Bay Area celebration to local talent for the last nine years.  She has been featured in the prestigious Lady Behind the Lens gala event, Folsom Art Walk, Old Sacramento Art Walk, Oakland Art and Soul Festival, and her work as been on display in the esteemed Joyce Gordon Gallery. She also holds contracts with numerous colleges and high schools.  


Beautiful.....Charismatic....Professional....Insightful....Inventive...Charming...Talented....Futuristic....Hardworking....Powerful....Genuine....all describe one of the brightest new artist of our era.


Meet Jennifer Marvin.




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